Kaito, outraged of the Ultimate Supreme Leader’s inconsiderate and you may outright worst ideas, moved to strike him once more

Kaito, outraged of the Ultimate Supreme Leader’s inconsiderate and you may outright worst ideas, moved to strike him once more

However, due to Kaito’s problems, Kokichi are easily able to dodge him and you can strike him back, slamming your toward floor. Kokichi was able to give you to definitely Kaito is actually more sluggish than usual and you will pondered to your even when he was concealing anything away from people. Maki became all the more concerned on seeing it and you can threatened in order to eliminate Kokichi by herself. However, she try dropped by Kaito and everybody rushed in order to their top as Kokichi proceeded so you’re able to monologue. Kokichi wondered why everyone was worried about a man instance Kaito, but Shuichi quickly stabbed back, stating that the guy will want to look in the themselves compared to the Kaito. Shuichi states you to Kokichi try the fresh new ridiculous one to due to the fact no one wished to be around your, and this would never transform. Kokichi apparently shrugged that it claim from and you can left new demo basis, that have become bored stiff once more. As the Kokichi leftover the demonstration grounds, he eerily remarked in order to himself it absolutely was nearly time for you to stop so it Eliminating Game completely, in the end finishing the message regarding courtyard, „This world is mine, Kokichi Oma“.

To end this new Destroying Video game

Adopting the 4th trial, Kokichi create drop-off for several days to carry on having his own package. After, when Kaito gathered everyone in the gym, proposing a want to struggle Monokuma, Kokichi instantly appeared also and lead having him Miu’s inventions, offering them so you’re able to his friends. Maki was sooner dropped by others, losing Kokichi on to the floor. The guy told people which he wouldn’t hinder him or her more before you leave the gymnasium, and Miu’s souvenir so they can play with, the fresh new electrohammers.

The guy told people that he planned to end the latest eliminating game also, but Maki was fed up with his misleading characteristics and you may threatened to help you strangle him again, asking your exactly what he was scheming

Following other survivors used Miu’s innovations so you’re able to cross the Passing Path away from Despair, they satisfied an enormous metal hatch which they opened and found the newest obvious condition of external globe, damaged and you may destroyed by meteorites. Everyone became struggling to breathe and you will lost awareness soon just after. An unmatched date afterward, new hatch shuts and everybody woke right up. Kokichi checked and you will congratulated people having learning the truth of the external industry. He found everything you in it, your industry was in ruins, and that they had been secretly into a huge spaceship you to acted because an enthusiastic ark going back sixteen survivors out-of humankind, or rather last „seven“ survivors of humanity. Afterwards, Kokichi stated themselves due to the fact frontrunner of the cult curved toward finishing the latest Gofer Investment plus the individual who let Monokuma into the the newest ark, effortlessly saying themselves just like the Genius of one’s Destroying College Session. Everyone was doubtful in the beginning up to Kokichi used Miu’s common remote manage to help make the Exisals do his putting in a bid to help expand persuade the rest survivors he is actually, in fact, the latest Genius. Kaito again became outraged with Kokichi and you will made an effort to punch him once again. Yet not, Kokichi with ease disabled a perfect Astronaut utilizing the Exisals. Maki tried to attack your too however, try dropped by Shuichi. Kokichi informed Shuichi that he generated a good notion prior to requesting the brand new detective provide him right back the newest Exisal hangar’s alarm secluded right back, a request that he reluctantly complied so you’re able to to have Kaito’s very own safety. Kokichi announced that everyone is actually absolve to create what they happier before you leave these in a state off anxiety and you will providing Kaito hostage in the Exisal hangar, confident that he had busted every person’s morale with his lies very much that they wouldn’t want to do the fresh Eliminating Games anymore.