Immediately following Ichigo and you will providers come back, Urahara collects the group towards a traveling sheet of paper and you can transports all of them home

Immediately following Ichigo and you will providers come back, Urahara collects the group towards a traveling sheet of paper and you can transports all of them home

Soul Community arch

Discussing his involvement during the position the newest Hogyoku into the spirit away from Rukia, he says the guy knowingly don’t tell them because he consider it could cause them to become alter their mind regarding protecting the lady. Removing his hat, he apologizes in it to have their tips. Just after finding an elbow to the deal with because of the Ichigo, the guy intends to apologize so you can Rukia. [73]

Bount arch (comic strip only)

Urahara directs about three modified souls to train Ichigo, Renji, Sado, Orihime and you can Uryu from the engaging as a group in race situations when you are pretending is foes. It’s at this time he tells the team you to definitely Uryu not has his Quincy vitality. [74] After that training, the guy covers with Ichigo along with his household members the clear presence of the fresh Bount, which anticipate invading Heart People. The guy orders the newest modified souls Ririn, Noba, and Kurodo commit including Ichigo and relatives to simply help him or her prevent the Bount. [75] Urahara later on lets Uryu and you may Renji to apply lower than their shop. 24 hours later, Urahara decides the 2 is going and you can take a look at the the new Bount Mansion. He has got Ichigo make the Altered Souls house or apartment with him so you’re able to generate Bount chemistry username countermeasures. [76]

Arrancar arch

One night, Urahara really stands before their store, saying anxiety about what’s going on during the Karakura Area, whenever Yoruichi means your. [77] If the Espada Ulquiorra Cifer and you may Yammy Llargo assault, Urahara and you can Yoruichi cut Ichigo out-of Yammy. Urahara, nullifying Yammy’s Cero, attacks him, however, Ulquiorra deflects the brand new attack, additionally the a few Arrancar retreat. [78] A little while later on, Chad requires Urahara to apply him. [79] Urahara in the course of time decides to enjoys Renji teach your, saying their Bankai isn’t fit for training or financing energy so you’re able to anybody else. Urahara, watching the studies, muses about attacking up against a beneficial Bankai will increase Chad’s powers, and you may conveys concern about the nature away from Chad’s efforts. [80] After, Urahara directs Yoruichi to carry Orihime in order to him. [81]

Whenever Orihime happens, the guy offers with her the facts of the upcoming combat anywhere between Heart Neighborhood and Aizen while they watch Renji and you may Chad competition. He requires her to keep outside of the after that competition given that, that have Tsubaki being lost because of the Yammy, she’s zero a style of assault, and thus should not participate in the fight. Chad disagrees, stating she aided when you look at the Heart Society and her healing and you can defensive performance be crucial than simply fighting. Urahara reminds him that Orihime remains an individual, and therefore new fourth Office would-be into side range, because they features one another recuperation and you can combat performance. Orihime, agreeing that have Urahara, thank you him if you are honest with her. [82] While in the another Arrancar incursion, Urahara preserves Lieutenant Rangiku Matsumoto off being impaled from the Luppi Antenor. Shortly after opening themselves, he’s attacked by Wonderweiss Margela, simply to bat the newest Arrancar away which have a blast of spiritual time from his Zanpakuto. [83]

Wonderweiss fireplaces an excellent Bala during the your, things Urahara has not yet viewed before. Yammy fires a great volley out of Bala at the him out of a lot more than, [84] but Urahara, playing with a compact Gigai to avert the attack, taunts your. Urahara, effortlessly dodging other attack, appears about Yammy, holding their Zanpakuto to your Espada’s mouth area. He shows you that once the he has got seen him flames off lots of these bursts, he’ll not hit because of the them any longer. Urahara shows him brand new smartphone Gigai he used because a my starts to fire a good Bala, however, Urahara, effortlessly negating brand new great time, shows they have analyzed the newest Bala’s heart particle structure and you can Yammy’s strength movements, making it possible for him to help you terminate the fresh attack. [85] Ahead of they could continue steadily to race, Ulquiorra effectively catches Orihime, allowing Yammy to leave back again to Hueco Universo. [86]